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Sealer Applied After Fire Damage

After a fire damage occurs, and the cleanup process is complete, a strong odor will remain if the affected materials are not sealed. A sealer, as seen in this photo, is applied after the structure has been thoroughly cleaned. It "seals" the surface and eliminates the possibility of future odor. You can trust SERVPRO of North Huntington with your home or business fire damage cleanup. Our highly trained and certified staff are always here to help! 

Soot Residue After a Fire

A small home fire can leave a layer of soot throughout your entire home. You should not try to clean this yourself. Using the wrong technique or products can actually cause more damage. Call the experts at SERVPRO of North Huntington to handle your fire damage needs from start to finish! We make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Heater Leak

A leak in the water heater was the cause of this water damage. Our crews quick response time and knowledge minimized the extent of the damage. The furniture was immediately set on blocks which allowed it to be saved. The wet drywall, insulation and carpet was removed and our drying process began immediately. 

Broken Pipe - Large Amount of Content Affected

A broken pipe left these homeowners upset and confused as to what to do next. They had reservations about their belongings being handled by others and were reluctant to allow our crew to help. However, once we began explaining exactly how we do things and what they could expect it eased their minds. We were able to sort all of the content and separate what should be discarded from what could be salvaged. The homeowners were pleased with our professional and gentle way of handling things.

Sewage Backup

The water from this sewage backup quickly spread from one room to the next in this home, affecting everything in its path. Our crew responded quickly and started the cleanup process immediately. Due to the source of this water damage, and the possibility of harmful bacteria and contaminants, the home was cleared of all affected content. The homeowner was pleased with our crews professionalism, expertise and attention to detail.

Gas Grill Caused House Fire

A combustion reaction to the homeowner's gas BBQ grill caused major fire damage to this home. The fire spread quickly and affected all areas of this home. Some areas were burned completely while others were covered in smoke and soot. Our highly trained team was able to help this family through the process of getting their home back to normal while minimizing the stress and worry that come with a loss like this. SERVPRO of North Huntington is always here to help! We make it "Like it never even happened."

New Air Max Air Movers...small but mighty!

These are our new air movers which are smaller in size when compared to the older ones. The power and drying time is no different. Bigger is not always better!

Ducting System in Basement

Our crew ran a ducting system to assist with a strong odor left behind after storm water damaged this basement. The smell was resolved and the homeowner's were very happy!

Injectidry System

A look at our injectidry system in progress. We have many different ways of handling water damages. This is a process that we use when trying to save hardwood floors. 

SERVPRO of North Huntington saved the day and the planes!

We were able to save every single one of this homeowner's large collection of model planes after a water damage. We took a few out for a quick test flight...shhhh :) 

Surprise! You have mold... :(

Even if you don't see mold, it can be lurking in your home. Our crew found mold while cleaning a water damage, and were able to remediate it while on site. 

Mold! Mold! Mold!

When a homeowner was ready to sell their house, a home inspection revealed this. Unsightly mold on attic beams can be cleaned. These beams needed our help desperately. We remediated the mold in a timely manner and the sale of the home was not interrupted. 

Can you see the layer of soot?

Sometimes soot can appear to be minimal. However, if proper cleaning equipment and products are not used, you can cause more damage to your belongings. Call the professionals for help!


Proper Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, is imperative for any job. SERVPRO of North Huntington makes no exceptions when it comes to safety. We take good care of your home and of our employees. Safety first!

We will go to any height to get the job done! Literally!

Our crew used scissor lifts to aide in the cleanup and remediation process of this local business warehouse. Team SERVPRO of North Huntington went to new heights for this one :) 

School Gym Floors Saved!

Our team was able to save these gym floors with our professional drying equipment. The school had very little down time and were back to normal within a few days of this water damage. 

Act Fast to Prevent Further Damage

A quick response time stopped this storm water from spreading to finished areas of this home. Our crew was able to start the water extraction process and no further damage was done.

Storm Water Damage

A flash flood affected this home's basement. Our crew arrived and immediately started the cleanup process. Although these things cannot be prevented, you can be prepared by having our information handy. Call us for your storm water damage needs! 631-423-1734

Storm Damage

This fully finished basement was affected by storm water. The carpet was soaked and a strong odor was present when SERVPRO of NORTH HUNTINGTON arrived. We helped to make it "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage to Basement

A storm caused this basement to flood. As always, we were only a phone call away and responded immediately. The water extraction process began and drying equipment was placed a short time after we received the call.

FIre Damage

This home was affected by a boiler related fire. The fire left behind a heavy layer of soot throughout the home. We were able to start the clean-up process immediately once the homeowner was ready. 

Appliance Fire

A kitchen appliance caught fire and this entire home was affected, leaving the homeowners living in a hotel. Our crew very hard with the goal of getting this family back into their home as soon as possible, and we did!

Kitchen Fire

Although the damage from this fire make look minimal, the odor that lingered afterwards was intolerable. With our professional products and equipment, we were able to rid the home of the smell.

Electrical Fire

This electrical fire occurred in the basement and smoke traveled through the entire home. Soot covered the walls, furniture and personal belongings. Our crew was able to guide the homeowner through this difficult time and their home an life were quickly back to normal.

Mold on Wood Paneling

Mold can and will grow on many surfaces, including wood paneling. SERVPRO OF NORTH HUNTINGTON has certified technicians that handle these things on a daily basis and they are always here to help you!

Mold! Mold! Mold!

This is a basement where mold has grown on the structure and has spread to the contents. Our crew was able to make this a safe place for the homeowner to move back into.

Does your bathroom ceiling resemble this?

If you see black spots forming on your bathroom ceiling, don't hesitate. Call SERVPRO of NORTH HUNTINGTON, 631-423-1734. We can perform an inspection and walk you through the remediation process step by step.

Green Mold on Attic Beams

Mold forms in a variety of colors and often has an unpleasant odor. These attic beams formed green mold due to an undetected roof leak. Mold can spread quickly and become a health issue if left untreated.

Sewer Backup

Don't try to clean this yourself, leave it to the professionals! We are only a phone call away and we have the equipment and proper cleaning products to handle these situations. 631-423-1734

Broken Pipe Damage

After being away on vacation, a homeowner returned to find this... a broken pipe that affected multiple rooms on the main level of the home. SERVPRO of NORTH HUNTINGTON to the rescue!  

Applied Structural Drying Certification

IICRC Applied Structural Drying - another IICRC Certification for Project Manager, Mike Compitello! The team at SERVPRO of NORTH HUNTINGTON is always expanding our knowledge. We take pride in what we do!


SERVPRO OF NORTH HUNTINGTON is prepared and ready to help with your Fire, Water and Mold remediation and clean up needs! Let us make it "Like it never even happened." 

SERVPRO OF NORTH HUNTINGTON is here to help!'s not Christmas time but Santa (Owner, John Beck) and his elf (Production Manager, Dave Compitello) are always spreading holiday cheer! SERVPRO OF NORTH HUNTINGTON is here to help with your fire, water or mold remediation every day of the year!

Our crew hard at work!

SERVPRO OF NORTH HUNTINGTON, making it "Like it never even happened." Our crew is hard at work unloading drying equipment for a water damage. Do you have a water damage? We are always a phone call away. 631-423-1734

Drying Equipment

Dehumidifiers and air movers are key pieces of equipment for proper drying of water damages. This was a commercial water loss that required a large amount of equipment to be placed. We can handle any water damage, no matter how big or small!

Our crews are always ready to help!

SERVPRO of NORTH HUNTINGTON will respond 24/7 to your fire, water or mold damage cleanup needs. Our technicians are trained and certified to  handle any situation that arises and will walk you through the process step by step.