Storm Damage Photo Gallery

New Air Max Air Movers...small but mighty!

These are our new air movers which are smaller in size when compared to the older ones. The power and drying time is no different. Bigger is not always better!

Ducting System in Basement

Our crew ran a ducting system to assist with a strong odor left behind after storm water damaged this basement. The smell was resolved and the homeowner's were very happy!

Act Fast to Prevent Further Damage

A quick response time stopped this storm water from spreading to finished areas of this home. Our crew was able to start the water extraction process and no further damage was done.

Storm Water Damage

A flash flood affected this home's basement. Our crew arrived and immediately started the cleanup process. Although these things cannot be prevented, you can be prepared by having our information handy. Call us for your storm water damage needs! 631-423-1734

Storm Damage

This fully finished basement was affected by storm water. The carpet was soaked and a strong odor was present when SERVPRO of NORTH HUNTINGTON arrived. We helped to make it "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage to Basement

A storm caused this basement to flood. As always, we were only a phone call away and responded immediately. The water extraction process began and drying equipment was placed a short time after we received the call.