Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Surprise! You have mold... :(

Even if you don't see mold, it can be lurking in your home. Our crew found mold while cleaning a water damage, and were able to remediate it while on site. 

Mold! Mold! Mold!

When a homeowner was ready to sell their house, a home inspection revealed this. Unsightly mold on attic beams can be cleaned. These beams needed our help desperately. We remediated the mold in a timely manner and the sale of the home was not interrupted. 

Mold on Wood Paneling

Mold can and will grow on many surfaces, including wood paneling. SERVPRO OF NORTH HUNTINGTON has certified technicians that handle these things on a daily basis and they are always here to help you!

Mold! Mold! Mold!

This is a basement where mold has grown on the structure and has spread to the contents. Our crew was able to make this a safe place for the homeowner to move back into.

Does your bathroom ceiling resemble this?

If you see black spots forming on your bathroom ceiling, don't hesitate. Call SERVPRO of NORTH HUNTINGTON, 631-423-1734. We can perform an inspection and walk you through the remediation process step by step.

Green Mold on Attic Beams

Mold forms in a variety of colors and often has an unpleasant odor. These attic beams formed green mold due to an undetected roof leak. Mold can spread quickly and become a health issue if left untreated.