Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Can you see the layer of soot?

Sometimes soot can appear to be minimal. However, if proper cleaning equipment and products are not used, you can cause more damage to your belongings. Call the professionals for help!


Proper Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, is imperative for any job. SERVPRO of North Huntington makes no exceptions when it comes to safety. We take good care of your home and of our employees. Safety first!

FIre Damage

This home was affected by a boiler related fire. The fire left behind a heavy layer of soot throughout the home. We were able to start the clean-up process immediately once the homeowner was ready. 

Appliance Fire

A kitchen appliance caught fire and this entire home was affected, leaving the homeowners living in a hotel. Our crew very hard with the goal of getting this family back into their home as soon as possible, and we did!

Kitchen Fire

Although the damage from this fire make look minimal, the odor that lingered afterwards was intolerable. With our professional products and equipment, we were able to rid the home of the smell.

Electrical Fire

This electrical fire occurred in the basement and smoke traveled through the entire home. Soot covered the walls, furniture and personal belongings. Our crew was able to guide the homeowner through this difficult time and their home an life were quickly back to normal.